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This page is dedicated to  our smallest natural clients embracing their hair.

These prices are for our guests that are ages 3- 10 only! Consultations are highly recommended because every child's hair needs are different

Designer Braid Removal


Children's Flexi Rods


Children's Cornrow set

$65.00 &UP

Soft Press

$35.00 & Up

Designer Cut

35 & up


$15.00 &Up

Designer Braids (without hair)

$65.00 &Up

Designer Braids (with hair)

$75.00 &Up

Marley Twists (with hair)

$100.00 & Up

Box Braids (without hair)

$85.00 & Up

Box Braids (with hair)

120.00 &up

Designer Braids & Crochet Hair

$95.00 & Up

Conditioning Treatment


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Cute Kids Posing Against Wall
Cute Kids Posing Against Wall
Cute Kids Posing Against Wall

Policy On Children

**While we accept children as our clients we do ask that the children are able to sit still long enough to be serviced. In the event that your child cannot tolerate having their hair done, we will have to discontinue service**

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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