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Interested in joining the team?


Our Objective

When a client walks through the door, our single most important goal is to provide them with absolutely impeccable service. In order to carry out this objective, we pride ourselves on maintaining passionate, diligent, and creative team members. We nurture and nourish every individual talent to develop our team, the company, and our community. By encouraging values that are detail-oriented and innately caring, we aim to create an environment where diversity is embraced and excellence is the standard.


Competitive Benefits

We offer compensation level structure, flexible schedules,  and a respected reputation and credibility. Photography opportunities and event venues along with weekly training, in-salon classes, and constant learning opportunities are always available.


About You

You are passionate and commit yourself to the world of hairdressing. You hold a relaxed, positive and upbeat aura while maintaining a sense of professionalism. You describe yourself as creative, team-oriented and always willing to learn more.

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